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MC Single-Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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MC Single-Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher


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Product Description

"MC single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts unique thin oil station lubrication system and PLC control system, which can realize dynamic stepless adjustment of crushing cavity gap, effectively reduce downtime, and ensure continuous and stable work of equipment.
Single cylinder cone crushing adopts the material layered selection crushing, the crushing cavity is filled with feeding, the material in the crushing cavity to withstand a full range of extrusion, shearing and kneading after crushing, and self-crushing purposes, so that the crushing cavity wall avoids direct contact, effectively prevent the liner from wearing each other, and avoid the material is contaminated by metal pollutants, so that the degree of the machine's vulnerable and consumable parts is reduced, effectively extend the service life of wear-resistant parts, and the crushing ratio is more than double that of other similar equipment. MC single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in mines, cement plants, sand and gravel industries, for medium and fine crushing of various mine rocks with pressure below 350 MPa, such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, basalt, granite, limestone, sandstone, pebbles, etc."   


1.Low energy consumption

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher provides automatic overload protection and can be equipped with an intelligent discharge port automatic adjustment system. The intelligent control system can also help users keep the crusher crowded with feeding, maximize lamination crushing, with a large processing capacity and low unit energy consumption.

2. Hydraulic protection

The hydraulic adjustment system automatically lowers the spindle, protects the crusher when the iron or other ""non-crushed matter"" passes through the crusher, and then automatically restores the original setting after the iron is removed, thus providing overload protection. The system automatically compensates for the wear of the crushing chamber and reduces labor costs.

3. Remote real-time

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts an intelligent control system and is equipped with a touch screen operation interface, which can realize remote control and real-time monitoring of the crusher's discharge port size to ensure that the equipment runs automatically with the best performance 24 hours a day.

Fourth, cost saving

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher frame is designed for heavy duty and adopts first-class steel; The liner is made of high-quality high manganese steel composite material, which is more wear-resistant; The main machine adopts ultra-large diameter spindle, which is more robust and durable; And equipped with high-quality wear-resistant parts, saving the cost of use and maintenance.       



Model Chamber Feed port size Max feedsize Discharge opening Capacity Power Weight Dimension
(mm) (mm) (mm) (t/h) (kW) (t) (L1×W1×H1)(mm)
MC100 C 150 120 7-39 35-135 90 5.8 1500×1300×2460
M 130 105
F 100 85
MC200 C 225 180 12-45 85-250 200-220 12.7 1935×1860×2620
M 150 120
F 80 60
MC300 C 225 180 10-50 140-350 250-280 16.7 2484×2150×3230
M 150 125
F 80 60
MC500 C 280 220 12-45 245-500 315-355 27 2700×2450×3560
M 150 125
F 100 80
MC100S C 320 250 35-100 140-320 75-90 9.5 1500×1300×2820
M 250 210
MC200S C 340 280 35-105 160-410 160-200 13.4 1935×1860×3130
M 250 210
MC300S C 380 320 35-105 250-520 220-250 18.2 2484×2150×3750
M 280 240
MC500S C 500 420 45-105 300-700 280-315 32.7 3394×2450×4750
M 380 320
PS:C=Coarse  M=Medium  F=Fine  

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