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MF Heavy-Duty Impact Crusher

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MF Heavy-Duty Impact Crusher


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MESTO MF series heavy-duty impact crusher is a perfect combination of heavy-duty rotor design, high wear-resistant materials and crushing chamber design. This combination proved to be revolutionary, not only increasing production capacity and product quality, but also reducing production costs and consumption of wear parts.

This series of impact crusher has been more optimized design, the crushing cavity is larger, and the feed particle size is larger; By increasing the rotor moment of inertia, a larger crushing ratio is obtained, and the equipment output is improved; By optimizing the liner and specific rotors, productivity is increased under various application conditions. Therefore, MF series impact crusher achieves a larger crushing ratio with fewer crushing stages, reduces investment costs and saves energy.                         


◆Extreme crushing ratio.
◆Excellent cube shape of finished product ,satisfy the needle flake content requirements of asphalt and concrete product specification.
◆Compare other type,more suitable for deal with stickum.
◆ Wide universality--is suitable for quarrying and gravel,cement,concrete and asphalt's recycle and slag recycle etc. 


Model MaxFeed Siza Rotor diameter Recommended feed siza(750mm) Recommended feed siza(570mm) Motor Power
mm Diameter× width mm Final product 200mm Final product 100mm Final product 200mm Final product 100mm
  F400C 850 1300×1300 425 275 400 300 200-250 18.1
Coarse crushing series MF600c 9oo 1400×1500 530 340 60o 380 250-315 23.1
MF900c 1200 1600×200o 810 520 soo 59o 400-500 44.8
  MF1800C 1400 2000×2300 1680 1120 1800 1200 1000-1300 79.2
Model MaxFeed Sizo Rotor dlameter Recommended feed size(40omm) Recommended feod size(200mm) Motor Power
mm Diameter× width mm Final product 60mm Final product 40mm Final product 40mm Final product 20mm
  MF250 550 1200×1300 250 200 250 180 200-250 13.6
Medium crushing series MF350 60o 1300×1500 315 250 350 225 250-315 17.2
MF450 6o0 1300×2000 420 330 450 300 320-400 24.1
MF550 700 1500×2000 500 400 550 360 400-500 32.5


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