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High Pressure Roller Sand Making Machine

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High Pressure Roller Sand Making Machine

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High pressure roller sand making machine is a new type of sand making equipment independently developed by our company, which has obtained a number of technical patents, and is suitable for fine crushing or ultra-fine crushing of various ore and rock materials below 250Mpa. The equipment flexibly adjusts the crushing pressure through the air spring driven by the air compressor to achieve different discharge particle sizes and discharge speeds. The input power can also be changed according to the customer's time demand to achieve a high-quality energy consumption ratio. It has the characteristics of high output, less loss, compact structure, economical and simple use and maintenance, and uniform particle size of the finished product. (Related patent numbers: ZL 2015 1 0485156.8, ZL2017 2 1004018.4, ZL2020 2 2906564.5, ZL2020 2 2344809.X, ZL2020 2 2348575.6)





Model Specification
Max. feeding size Capacity Power Reducer model Weight
(mm) (mm) (t/h) (kw)   (t)
MD355 Φ2000×1200 40 160-250 355-400 ZQ1300-1400 60-65
MD200 Φ1700×1100 40 100-170 200-315 ZQ1150-1200 46-52
MD132 Φ1450×1200 35 80-130 132-185 JZQ1000-1150 33-37
MD110 Φ1450×900 35 60-100 110-160 JZQ850-1000 30-35
MD75 Φ1300×800 30 40-75 75-110 JZQ850-1000 25-30
RPH160 Φ1450×1200 35 100-150 132-160 JZQ1000 30-33
RPH90 Φ1200×1100 35 50-70 90 JZQ850 19
RPH55 Φ1000×700 30 30-50 55 JZQ650 13.5

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