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Dewatering & Sand Recovery Equipment

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Dewatering & Sand Recovery Equipment


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MX series sand recovery system is widely applied to sand aggregate processing systems of hydraulic power stations, glass material processing systems, artificial sand production lines, coarse coal slime recovery in coal preparation plants, environmental protection projects (slurry purification, etc.), etc. and can effectively solve the problem of fine sand recycling.
Mixture of sand and water is conveyed to a swirler by a slurry pump, and fine sand of centrifugally graded and concentrated is supplied to a vibrating screen by a sand-settling nozzle. After being dewatered by the vibrating screen, the fine sand is effectively separated from water. Then a small amount of fine sand, mud, etc. is returned to a cleaning tank by a material-returning box, and when the liquid level of the cleaning tank is enough high, the mixture in the cleaning tank is discharged through the material discharging opening. The weight concentration of materials (recycled by the linear vibrating screen) is 70 to 85 percent, and the fineness modulus can be adjusted by adjusting the rotary speed of the pump, the concentration of the mortar and the amount of overflow water and replacing the sand nozzle. Finally, the cleaning, dewatering and  grading are realized.





二、PRODUCT   FEATURES                                

◆A polyurethane screen mesh is adopted in the vibration screen. Compared with other screen meshes, the polyurethane screen mesh has the advantages of longer service life and less blocking phenomenon of the hole.

◆Polyurethane is adopted in the swirler, so the service life of the whole device is prolonged and works such as pulp concentration and liquid clarification can be successfully done.

◆To the maximum extent, the fine sand recovering system can recycle 85 percent fine materials of the total discharged materials , so compared with other systems, the fine sand recovering system has incomparable technical and economic advantages; 

◆ As the fine grains are fully recycled, the workload and the cleaning cost of the sedimentation tank are reduced.


MX fine sand recovery system                                
Model Pump Mud-sand separator specification Dewatering Screen Capacity Weight
Power Model Area Power
(kw) (mm) (kw) (kw) (t/h) (t)
MX300 15 300 TSS0920 1.8 1.5×2 50-80 4.2
MX400 18.5 400 TSS1024 2.4 1.5×2 70-120 4.9
MX500 30 500 TSS1224 2.88 2.2×2 100-220 7.8
MX700 30 350×2 TSS1530 4.5 3.7×2 150-300 9.6
MX800 37 400×2 TSS1637 5.92 4.5×2 200-400 10.2
MX1000 55 500×2 TSS2240 8.8 7.5×2 300-500 12.5
HS dehydration recovery all-in-one machine
Model Pump Mud-sand separator specification Dewatering Screen Capacity Weight
Power Model Area Power
(kw) (mm) (kw) (kw) (t/h) (t)
HS2040 37 400×2 YP2040 8 11×2 120-200 8.3
HS2050 37 400×2 YP2050 10 15×2 150-250 9.5
HS2060 37 400×2 YP2060 12 15×2 180-280 10.3
HS2250 37-55 400×2/4 YP2250 11 15×2 180-280 11.2
HS2450 37-55 500×2/4 YP2450 12 18.5×2 200-300 12.5
HS2650 37-55 500×2/4 YP2650 13 18.5×2 300-350 14.9

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