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Modular Crushing And Screening Equipment

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Modular Crushing And Screening Equipment

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Modular mobile crushing plants are particularly suitable for multi-point quarries that require regular movement of equipment between different locations, and standard trucks can easily tow them away. With the modular mobile crushing and screening plant equipment, you will not only save time on changing sites, retain the mobility and production capacity of the equipment, but also develop new business opportunities. 


二、JAW CRUSHING PLANT MODULE                                      

MST-C106/C96 modular jaw crushing plant has a maximum feed particle size of 600mm and a processing capacity of 115-580t/h, which is suitable for coarse crushing section. Applicable materials: granite, basalt, pebbles, limestone and other mine rocks below 350MPa.



Project Name MST-C110 MST-C96
Feeding unit Capacity(t/h) 150-300 150-3000
Max.Feed Size(mm) 600 500
Feed height(mm) 4000 4000
Hopper volume(m3) 5 5
Vibratory Feeder L×W(mm) 3500×1050 3500×1050
Power(kw) 3.7×2 3.7×2
Crusher Jaw crusher C110 C96
Feeding Size(mm) 1060×700 930×580
Max.Feed Size(mm) 600 480
Weight(T) 18 10.9
Power(kw) 110-132 90
Belt conveyor
Stacking height(mm)
3000 3000
L×W(mm) 11200×B1000 11200×B1000
Power(kw) 11 11
Iron remover L×W(mm) 1670×800 1670×800
Power(kw) 3 3
Crushing unit parameters Weight(T) 34 23
Capacity(t/h) 130-300 90-220
Power(kw) 150.4(153.4) 108.4(111.4)
Size During Operation(L×W×H)(mm) 14800×2210×4000
Shipping Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 10000×2070×3450


三、CONE CRUSHING PLANT MODULE                                        

MST-HP300/HP200 modular multi-cylinder cone crushing plant maximum feed size: 185mm, production capacity: 70-210t/h, for medium and fine crushing section. It is suitable for various mining rocks such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, basalt, sandstone, pebbles and other mine rocks with compressive strength below 350MPa. Its crusher can be replaced with single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher or hydraulic composite cone crusher according to needs.                                    



Project Name MST-H300 MST-H200
Feeding unit Capacity(t/h) 150-300 120-250
Hopper volume(m3) 2 2
Belt conveyor L×W(mm) 6600×B1000 6600×B1000
Feed height(mm) 2800 2800
Crusher Cone crusher HP300 HP200
Max.Feed Size(mm) 210 185
Close size(mm) 16-51 13-38
Weight(T) 17 12
Power(kw) 250 110-150
Belt conveyor Discharge height(mm) 3000 3000
L×W(mm) 9000×B1000 9000×B1000
Power(kw) 11 11
Belt conveyor Discharge height(mm) 2500 2500
L×W(mm) 6600×B1000 6600×B1000
Power(kw) 7.5 7.5
Iron remover L×W(mm) 4000×1500 4000×1500
Power(kw) 3.7×2 3.7×2
Belt conveyor L×W(mm) 2200×B650 2200×B650
Power(kw) 4 4
Belt conveyor L×W(mm) 11000×B650 11000×B650
Power(kw) 5.5 5.5
Crushing unit parameters Weight(T) 43 41
Capacity(t/h) 120-300 100-260
Power(kw) 203.9 303.9
Size During Operation(L×W×H)(mm) 18300×4300×4800
Shipping Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 18300×2500×3590


四、SCREENING PLANT MODULE                                        

MST-S1860 module screening plant is used in mining, cement plant, sand and gravel industry, asphalt crushing and screening and other industries. It has excellent screening capacity, easy operation, convenient transition, complete spare parts and screen support.




Project Name MST-S1860
Feeding unit Capacity(t/h) 150-300
Hopper volume(m3) 2.5
Belt conveyor L×W(mm) 11500×B1000
Feed height(mm) 2950
Vibrating Screen L×W(mm) 6000×1800
Power(kw) 19
Number of Screen layers 3
Belt conveyor A Stacking height(mm) 3000
L×W(mm) 6000×B500
Power(kw) 4
Belt conveyor B Discharge height(mm) 3000
L×W(mm) 6000×B500
Power(kw) 4
Belt conveyor C Stacking height(mm) 3000
L×W(mm) 6000×B500
Power(kw) 4
Belt conveyor D Discharge height(mm) 3000
L×W(mm) 8000×B1000
Power(kw) 7.5
Screening unit parameters Weight(T) 27
Processing Capacity(t/h) 100-300
Power(kw) 50
Size During Operation(L×W×H)(mm) 15400×13300×5700
Shipping Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 15400×3600×3700


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