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Program-Controlled Automatic Pull-Plate Chamber Filter Press

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Program-Controlled Automatic Pull-Plate Chamber Filter Press

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The main engine is driven by the oil pump, the oil cylinder starts to work to push the filter plate to the set pressure space, the feeding pump starts the tailings slurry into each filter cavity, under the feed pressure, the slurry is separated into a filter cloth through the filter cloth, and the liquid water is recycled through the drainage device. The filter plate passes the PLC control program, and the trolley automatically opens the pull plate to make the filter cake fall off, and this process reciprocates to achieve solid-liquid separation.

The equipment is simple to operate, durable, safe and reliable, and highly effective. It is suitable for the treatment of tailings slurry in various mining industries such as sand, ceramics, and garbage dumps, and solves the sewage pollution to make it discharge up to standard, and is an efficient tailings dewatering environmental protection equipment.



Model Filter plate size Intermediate filter plate Head and tail plates Filter pressure Filter cake weight Filter press volume Duty cycle Cylinder specifications Number of cylinders Motor power Form factor Weight
mm (slice) (cover) (Mpa) (T) (m³) (min) (mm) (item) (KW) L× W×H(mm) (T)
ZB250 1250×1250 91 2 20 6.6 4.6 35-40 250 1 5.5+0.75 10500×2100×1800 13.5
ZB500 1500×1500 122 2 20 14 9.6 60 320 2 11+1.5 13500×2300×1900 27
Ф1000(high pressure) Ф1000×65 86 2 20 4 2.6 40 320 1 4.5+0.75 10500×1900×2100 11.5
Ф1250(high pressure) Ф1250×65 86 2 20 5.5 3.6 40 320 1 5.5+0.75 10500×2100×2200 13
Ф1500(high pressure) Ф1500×70 122 2 24 9.6 6.6 60-90 320 2 11+0.75 13000×2300×2300 26

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