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MR Vertical Shaft Crusher

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MR Vertical Shaft Crusher

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Product Description

MR Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher (Sand Making Machine) is a vertical shaft type high-performance crusher suitable for all types of mineral crushing and shaping: from soft to hard materials, whether low or very high wear materials. Each particle in the material rotates at high speed in a two-chamber rotor and then flung towards the fixed impact plate. Impact plates can consist of annular liners or sand beds. Clogging is largely avoided by the generous size of the rotor and housing, and all wear protection is a single replaceable consumable.   

Compared to the multi-chamber design, the MR vertical shaft impact breaker uses a two-chamber rotor that delivers less air, reducing energy consumption, which can be used to increase productivity and reduce the power of the dust collector. The dual-chamber rotor has an open construction design, allowing the maximum usable size of the outlet (89° per side). This significantly reduces the risk of material clogging. In the MR two-chamber rotor, a layer of material is formed along the crushing chamber that acts as self-wear protection. Compared to conventional rotors, the proportion of wear parts required is reduced to a minimum.


二、PRODUCT   FEATURES          

◆High quality of the final product
Produce the high quality cubic shape products,Use centrifugal force to make every feeding grain get the great accelerated speed,The casted materials crush with crushing plate.
◆The quality stable's final product 
Even if the equipment in operation cause abrasion continually,also doesn't affect the material's crush effect.The system features can avoid the random-effects by material crushing.This is Mr rotor centrifugal crusher's technology characteristics different from other traditional's.
◆Targeted selective crushing
For each material particles through targeted shock crushing,The low intensity component materials is easier crushed then high intensity component.in this way,it can remove the easy crushing part's materials on purpose.thus,significantly improve the quality of the final product(wear value,freezing resistance).For the different intensity of components of ores and industrial minerals,Can get the largest number's final product.

The annular plate structure
◣It is suitable for medium abrasion resistance material production cubic stone and sand making, such as Gravel, limestone, dolomite, diabase, basalt, andesite, brick bat, cement clinker etc.
◣Selective crushing mud gravel and other conglomerate, medium abrasion resistance material of slag and industrial mineral, topsoil, etc.
◣Recycling asphalt , unreinforced concrete block and construction waste, etc.



The sand bed structure

◢It is suitable for high abrasion resistance material production cubic stone and sand making, such as Gravel, granite and porphyry, gneiss, miscellaneous sandstone, quartz, etc
◢Crushing high abrasion materials, such as Aluminium vanadium and soil, ferrosilicon, abrasive, glass, etc
◢Selectively crushing slag from steel plant, incinerator etc.



Model   Speed Feed Size Through ability Power Weight Dimension
  (m/s) (mm) (t/h) (kw) (t) (L×W×H)(mm)
MR-132   60-89 30 20-35 132 7.5 4200×1988×1870
MR-160   60-89 35 30-45 160 7.8 4200×1988×1870
MR-200   60-89 35 40-55 200 8.3 4200×1988×1870
MR-250   60-89 40 50-80 250 11.6 4200×2400×1980
MR-315   60-89 40 70-95 315 12.9 5200×2400×2150
MR-400   60-89 40 100-130 200×2 15.3 5620×3215×2320
MR-500   60-89 45 120-170 250×2 16.8 5620×3280×2420
MR-630   60-89 45 150-200 315×2 18.7 5670×3360×2550
MR-250S   60-89 40 120-210 250 11.5 3950×2420*2100
MR-315S   60-89 40 140-270 315 12.6 3950×2550*2140
MR-400S   60-89 40 180-390 200×2 15.2 5200×2520×2220
MR-500S   60-89 45 240-480 250×2 16.9 5600×2630×2610
MR-630S   60-89 45 270-550 315×2 19.4 5670×2750×2680


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